Cayman Academy’s Technological Thrust

Cayman Academy’s Technological Thrust
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Cayman Academy’s Technological Thrust


Cayman Academy has a vision to harness the use of technology to serve as a catalyst to transform the teaching and learning environment into one that is inclusive, differentiated, engaging, collaborative, interactive and hands-on within the Language/Literacy Department. Cayman Academy would like to extend sincere thanks to Prosperity Capital Management Limited for donating a grant of $5000

USD to assist in the purchase of a SMARTboard for the Language Department. In addition to this generous donation, gratitude is expressed to Year 9 students, parents and their teacher Mrs. Alicia Castillo-Timothy who assiduously engaged in several fundraising ventures during the academic years 2012- 2014 to also contribute towards the purchase of this interactive board and the purchase of three electronic tablets to enhance student learning. Moreover, the school wishes to thank Pre-K parent Mrs. Kimari Barrett for being instrumental in the acquisition of a flat screen television and DVD player for the Pre-K class. Cayman Academy endeavors to utilize these technological tools to enhance student learning in a number of ways. They will be used meet various learning styles of students as it appeals to a variety of senses. In addition, these tools will captivate student’s interest, maintain their attention and also provide an opportunity for them to experience interactive lessons while demonstrating their knowledge. We anticipate that their use will facilitate a student-centered learning environment where each student will become more engaged and have increased understanding and retention of knowledge, and construct products which would ultimately lead to an improvement in learning. We thank God for His blessings and do look forward to your continued support of our technological drive.

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