Cayman Academy Health Week 2013: Activate

Cayman Academy Health Week 2013: Activate
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Cayman Academy Health Week 2013: Activate

DSC05907During the week of October 7-11, 2013, Cayman Academy conducted its annual Health Week under the theme “Activate”. As the theme suggests the main focus of this Health Week was designed to educate students, teachers, parents and stakeholders about the benefits of engaging in physical activities on a consistent basis.

The week started with a valuable and interactive presentation conducted by Mr. Lawrence Nelson of Universal Fitness during our joint assembly. His address highlighted the importance of living a balanced lifestyle by eating right, drinking sufficient water and engaging in appropriate exercise.

Soon after, the excitement of the health week was spread to parents and community members, as many of them were geared up to participate in various activities at our H.S.A. monthly meeting for a dynamic Health Expo. The school’s auditorium lit up with informative presentations by pharmacist Khimanie Blackwood who delivered a brief presentation on Food and Drug Interaction and then by Dr. Andy Shillingford who explained the value of knowing one’s BMI.

Afterwards, a buzz emanated from different health stations as doctors, pharmacists, nurses, masseuses and other professionals conducted basic health screenings, massages and consultations.

Mr. Earnest Ebanks of Body Sculptor Fitness Center helped to bring the evening to a grand close with an outstanding aerobic workout that fully activated parents, teachers and students. Congratulations are in order to Mr. Hyman Mullings and his wife Genene Mullings who won the parents’ prize for the Fanciest Workout Outfit and to Mrs. Ronette Munroe and Mr. Herbert Gordon who were also awarded participatory prizes. The week continued with other activities that encouraged students to engage in physical activity such as an inter-house jump rope competition, a Tai-Bo and Zumba class led by Mrs. Shaunette Saunders, a gymnastics session conducted by Motions Gymnastics Clubs, reflexology ably instructed by Ms. Meikle and a karate demonstration instructed by Saiko Shihan Reid of Cayman Associated School of Karate-Do, who taught students basic principles of Karate-do and how it can be applied to their academic discipline. Finally, Ms Danna Hickey of Smile Dental Clinic reinforced the importance of flossing and Mrs. Tempora Wesley aroused students’ interest with the presentation on body image which revealed the potential health complications that may arise when certain fashion is worn. We say to God be the glory for a week well spent.



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